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Host Home Program

Host Home Program


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March 2017 – February 2018 (Pay by Check or Money Order)

March 2017-2018

The Care Association offers a Host Home Program for all eligible Host Home Providers in Colorado as well as many other states. Our insurance program provides you as a provider with Professional Liability, General Liability and HIPPA Privacy Liability coverage at affordable premiums.

What is Host Home Provider

It is important to distinguish what a ‘Host Home’ is.  A Host Home is, an individual who provides what is referred to as individual residential services and supports (IRSS) in his or her own home to a persons with developmental disabilities over the age of 18.  Host Homes provide 24/7 care to an individual living in their homes. Host Homes are considered by many as Adult Foster Care for developmentally disabled adults.

What does Host Home Insurance Cover

Simply defined, Professional Liability Insurance is coverage for damages that might occur for a negligent act, error, or omission due to professional services rendered or which should have been rendered by you as a provider.

**State of Colorado Rules & Regulations**

What Host Home Insurance does not Cover

  • The Host Home insurance program DOES NOT provide coverage for the personal property of the Host Home Provider or the consumer(s).  Your homeowners or renters insurance should take care of this need.
  • The Host Home insurance program DOES NOT provide any coverage for injuries to a consumer that is sustained in an automobile.  Review your automobile insurance policy or check with your agent.
  • The Host Home insurance program DOES NOT pay for injuries that to the provider or the consumer.
  • Keep track of your Host Home expenses.  You should keep Host Home records separate from personal records.
  • The Host Home insurance program DOES NOT cover Foster Care for children.

Host Home Insurance Program Eligibility Requirements:

(All Host Home Providers who qualify and meet the minimum insurance underwriting guidelines (*) will be covered by the master policy)

  • Host Homes with clients under age 18 will not be eligible.
  • All Providers will be required to identify the agency(s) they contract with.
  • There must be a valid Host Home contract in place at all times between the agency and the provider.
  • It is assumed that all providers go through a background check and that all individuals living in the home age 18 or older have a background check as well.
  • It is assumed that the contracting agency has inspected the premises where the consumer(s) will be living.
  • It is assumed that periodic visits of the host home will be conducted by the agency to ensure the safety and well being of the client.
  • It is assumed that the provider has and will keep in force Homeowners or Renters Insurance while insured in this program.
  • Any provider who has a criminal record involving abuse or neglect or disciplinary actions filed including, but not limited to, the removal of client(s) from the Host Host will not be eligible for this program.
  • A completed application(*) will be required with full payment before any certificates can or will be issued.
    Providers that cancel throughout the year will NOT be given a refund.
  • Providers that add 1 or more clients during the year will not be assessed an additional charge. If a provider loses a client during the year, they will not be given a refund.

**Host Home Insurance requirements in the State of Colorado**

According to the Division for Developmental Disabilities, Administrative Services Rule 16.245 B requires that Program Approved service agencies shall maintain or require to be maintained in force at all times, comprehensive general liability insurance coverage for services that are provided directly by the agency or through contract. A $1,000,000 limit of liability is required.

In addition, damages by reason of negligent act, error, or omission, due to professional services rendered or which should have been rendered is specifically excluded under the comprehensive general liability coverage form. Although not required by rule or statute Professional Liability is included and a part of all our insurance programs.

The Colorado Department of Human Services (C.R.S. Authority 26-1-111) requires that all Contractors (with the State) shall require their Subcontractors (of the Contractors) to carry $1,000.000 in Comprehensive General Liability and Professional Liability unless waived by the State.

All Host Home Providers who qualify and meet the minimum underwriting guidelines(*) will be covered on a master policy.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office at 303-333-0375 or you can send an email to Care Association Information

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